Heartgard Plus for Dogs

  • 犬用 犬新寶 口嚼錠
    Heartgard Plus chewable tablets for dogs, up to 25 lb

  • Heartgard Plus chewable tablets for dogs, up to 25 lb (Blue box)
  • Heartgard Plus chewable tablets for dogs, 25-50 lb (Green box)
  • Heartgard Plus chewable tablets for dogs, 50-100 lb (Brown box)

Can puppies use Heartgard Plus?

You can use Heartgard Plus on puppies over 6 weeks old.

Does Heartgard Plus have different products for the variety of dog weights?

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✻ Is your dog over 100 lb?
For dogs over 100 lb, use a combination of tablets that most closely matches the bodyweight.
Follow 2.72 mcg/lb of Ivermectin (6 mcg/kg) and 2.27 mcg/lb of Pyrantel (5 mg/kg) of body weight or discuss it with your veterinarian.

How often should you use Heartgard Plus on your dogs?

Every month (30 days) all around the year

What parasites does Heartgard Plus prevent?

  • Heartworm
    Prevent heartworm disease caused by Dirofilaria immitis
     Please check if your dog has adult heartworm infection before applying Heartgard Plus
  • Hookworm
    Treat and control Ancylostoma caninum, Ancylostoma brazilians, and Uncinaria stenocephala.
  • Roundworm
    Treat and control ascarids(Toxocara cati and Toxascaris leonina)

Does Heartgard Plus have any off-label use?*****


Can you wash your dogs before or after applying Heartgard Plus?

Yes, you can.
Heartgard Plus is an oral medication and the effect won’t be decreased because of regular showering.

How to use Heartgard Plus your dogs?

Administer Heartgard Plus chewable tablets at or around feeding time.
Ensure that part of the dose is not lost or rejected.

What is the dosage form of Heartgard Plus?

Chewable tablet for oral use

What is the ingredient and dosage in Heartgard Plus?

The main ingredient are Ivermectin and Pyrantal.

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Can you use Heartgard Plus on pregnant or lactating dogs?

Yes. Heartgard Plus can be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.

What are the possible side effects of using Heartgard Plus?

  • Depression/ Lethargy
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Ataxia
  • Mydriasis/ Staggering
  • Convulsions

Can you use Heartgard Plus on the Collie breed?

Yes, you can.
Heartgard Plus demonstrated no signs of toxicity at 10 times the recommended dose(60 mcg) in sensitive Collies. The result supports the safety of Heartgard Plus in dogs, including Collies, when used as recommended.

How should you storage Heartgard Plus?

Storage below 20-25 C(68-77F).
Keep away from children.

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