Bravecto for Dogs

  • 一錠除 迷你犬
    Bravecto 112.5 mg chewable tablets for very small dogs, 2-4.5 kg

  • Bravecto 112.5 mg chewable tablets for very small dogs, 2-4.5 kg
  • Bravecto 250 mg chewable tablets for small dogs, > 4.5-10 kg
  • Bravecto 500 mg chewable tablets for medium-sized dogs, > 10-20 kg
  • Bravecto 1000 mg chewable tablets for large dogs, > 20-40 kg
  • Bravecto 1400 mg chewable tablets for very large dogs, > 40-56 kg

Can puppies use Bravecto?

You can use Bravecto on puppies over 8 weeks old and more than 2 kg.
Follow 25-56 mg fluralancer per kilogram (25-56 mg/kg) of body weight.

Does Bravecto have different products for the variety of dog weights?

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✻ Is your dog over 56 kg?
For dogs over 56kg, use a combination of two tablets that most closely matches the bodyweight.
Follow “25-56 mg Fluralancer per kilogram (25-56 mg/kg) of body weight” or discuss it with your veterinarian.

How often should you use Bravecto on your dogs?

Every 12 weeks (3 months) apply one chewable tablet

What parasites does Bravecto prevent?

  • Flea
    Immediate and persistent flea killing activity for 12 weeks.
    8 hours onset after applying
  • Tick
    Immediate and persistent tick killing activity for 12 weeks.
    12 hours onset after applying

Does Bravecto have any off-label use?

Yes. Bravecto can be used on Demodicosis (Demodex infestation) control and treatment.

Can you wash your dogs before or after applying Bravecto?

You can bath or wash your dogs anytime during applying Bravecto.
Bravecto is an oral medication and the effect won’t be decreased because of regular showering.

How to use Bravecto your dogs?

Administer Bravecto chewable tablets at or around feeding time.
Don’t break or divide the chewable tablets.

What is the dosage form of Bravecto?

Chewable tablet for oral use

What is the ingredient and dosage in Bravecto?

The main ingredient is Fluralancer.

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Can you use Bravecto on pregnant or lactating dogs?

Yes. Bravecto can be used in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.

What are the possible side effects of using Bravecto?

  • Inappetence
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

✻1.6% of treated dogs showed mild to transient gastrointestinal side effects in the clinical trials.
Contact your veterinarian if you notice any serious effects after applying Bravecto.

How should you storage Bravecto?

Storage below 30C (86F).
Keep away from children.

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