K9 Advantix II for Dogs

K9 Advantix II Small Dogs 4-10 lb (1.8-4.5 kg)
K9 Advantix II Medium Dogs 11-20 lb (4.5-9.0 kg)
K9 Advantix II Large Dogs 21-55 lb (9.1-25 kg)
K9 Advantix II Extra Large Dogs over 55 lb (over 25 kg)

Can puppies use K9 Advantix II?

You can use K9 Advantix II on puppies over 7 weeks old and more than 4 lb (1.8 kg).

Does Advantix have different products for the variety of dog weights?

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How often should you use K9 Advantix II on your dogs?

Every month as a regular prevention

What parasites does K9 Advantix II prevent?

  • Flea
    Kill existing fleas in 12 hours
    Kill all the life stage of fleas
    Prevent the development of fleas, flea eggs, pupae and larvae for a month
  • Tick
    Kill and repel Brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sangunineus), American ticks (Dermacentor variabilis) , Deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis), Long star ticks (Amblyomma americanum)
  • Lice
    Kill chewing lice
  • Mosquito
    Repel and prevent mosquitos from transmitting heartworm disease (Dirofilaria immitis)
  • Fly
    Repel and prevent from blood-feeding from biting flies

Does K9 Advantix II have any off-label use?


Can you wash your dogs before or after applying K9 Advantix II?

Yes. K9 Advantix II is waterproof and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming, or after exposure to rain or sunlight.

How to use K9 Advantix II your dogs?

  1. Make sure your dog is not sick and underweight, the fur is completely dry and the skin is not broken around the treatment area.
  2. Remove the package
  3. Keep the pipette in upright position, twist and pull off cap and use the opposite end of the cap to break the seal
  4. Part the hair on the back behind head until the skin is visible
  5. Place the tube on the skin and press  for a few times
  6. Dogs should be standing for easy application.
    For dogs up to 20 lb (up to 9 lb): Drag away from 1 to 3 spots until ensuring the tube is empty
    For dogs over 20 lb (over 9 lb): Choose 4 to 5 different treatment areas along the spinal and drag away until ensuring the tube is empty

 Do not use on cats!
 Do not massage the treatment area
Do not let any other dogs, cats, or humans lick or contact the treatment area until it’s dry.
Do not throw K9 Advantix II into the water, it will kill the lives in there.

What is the dosage form of K9 Advantix II?

Topical spot-on for external use only

What is the ingredient and dosage in K9 Advantix II?

The main ingredients are Imidacloprid, Permethrin, and Pyriproxyfen.

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Can you use K9 Advantix II on pregnant or lactating bitches?

Consult your veterinarian before applying K9 Advantix II on pregnant or lactating dogs.

What are the possible side effects of using K9 Advantix II?

  • Skin irritation (redness, scratching, other signs of discomfort)
  • Gastrointestinal signs (vomiting, diarrhea)
  • Lethargy
  • Anxiety

How should you storage K9 Advantix II?

Storage in a cool and dry place and protect from freezing
Keep away from children